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    Mindy Kelly ~ Techie-chick and Fashion Lover

    MindyI am the ultimate techie-chick, I have worked in the information technology industry for many years and have decided that it is time to explore my more creative side. I have a passion for style, makeup, fashion, and technology, so I thought, “Why not create an especially chic mashup, and share it with other fashion and tech lovers?” This was the beginning of geekChic Style. I hope that you and I can have a long and creative relationship via this blog and, well, who knows what else I might create in the future!

    Sometimes life throws us curve balls, and in my case, one that has caused on and off considerable joint pain. In my search for remedies without significant side-effects, I came across the stunning and minimalistic magnetic jewelry that is now featured on my site on the Energetix tabs. The magnetic fields created by the jewelry are powerful and as skeptical as I was, actually have helped to lessen my pain and improve my personal well-being. So, I decided that I wanted to participate in getting the word out and became an Independent Consultant for Energetix. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions and would like more information!






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