The Style of Science

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    As a self-proclaimed geek and scientist (the computer kind), I am very fond of astrophysicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson and his radio show and podcast, StarTalk. I listen often, sometimes on Sirius Radio, but mostly via podcast on my iPhone. Today I was listening to a show that included Dr. Emily L. Rice, Ph.D, Astrophysicist, Assistant Professor, Engineering Science & Physics at CUNY Staten Island. During the broadcast, she mentioned that she has a geek fashion blog web site, and of course I HAD to investigate!

    The site is STARtorialist  (nice pun) and she amalgamates all kinds of fun and goofy science-related wearables. I’m particularly fond of these nebula printed yoga pants by Danskin:




    Geeky? Yes. But so much fun for this amateur astrophysics enthusiast. Dr. Rice, you have a new fan! (hey, shouldn’t every scientist have her own fan club?!)

    This Naeem Kahn 2016 collection dress makes me SO happy. High fashion and science all mushed together in a stunning manner:


    Dr. Rice, thanks for your inspiring blog! For any other female physics lovers out there, check out Women in Physics!

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